The Rock Star

Goal was to create a career fair that doesn't just evolve around finding some random job. It is about escaping the boring colorless event with hundreds of people in suits. It's not about maximizing visitor numbers. It is about inspiring people to live their lives the way they'd like to. Give them the chance to control their own decisions, which shape their personality and characteristics.

That was always the idea behind the MILK fair. I am happy that under the name STICKS & STONES it will return anew even stronger and bigger.

For Gays, Lesbians, Heterosexuals!

I hope with STICKS & STONES we can set an example for more acceptance and respect. In my opinion this begins at equal payments for men and women and it ends at electing a 59-year old, dark skinned, overweight transsexual woman, who is sitting in a wheelchair employee of the month.

It's not about what we look like or what sexual orientation we were born with. It's about what qualification and personality we have as a human being. Each single one of us is a rock star. Or a panda.

Or a unicorn.



(Initiator STICKS & STONES)

Team Unicorn


    Stuart Cameron

    The Dictator. Is the founder of STICKS & STONES and fuels the fair with never ending ideas.



    Jasmin Meiling

    The Globetrotter. 
    As project manager of the fair she is organising the program, does cooperations, marketing and sales.


  • Nicole Bulawa

    The Princess. Together with Stuart and Isabelle she takes care of all PANDA events and helps all candidates and the team with valuable tips.

  • Danik Kasmamytov

    The Nomad. Moved all around the world but finally settled in Berlin. He is mostly responsible for web-programming, graphic design and animation for UNICORNS IN TECH and #unit Festival.


  • Isabelle Hoyer

    The hullabaloo-commissary. Founded PANDA together with Stuart and works mostly for the PANDA projects. She also helps out with STICKS & STONES and other projects.

  • Lukasz Klepacki

    The Unicorn by Hobby. He studied European Funding in Stettin & at Viadrina. With more than 2.000 games in League of Legends he is a big gamer and a geek all the way through :)





    Marc Müller

    The Nerd. Takes care of all the IT and homepage related tasks.



You want to participate?

We are always on the hunt for interns who are getting paid as well. Read more here and apply for an internship with us!