• Theresia Reinhold

    Position: Freiberufliche Dokumentarfilmerin, Historikerin

    Website: www.zitterart.de



  • Overcoming the Threshold


    Data retention, State Sponsored Attacks on Twitter, Journalists being blocked from doing their work, Big Data and still “Nothing to Hide”?

    Despite the many threads faced by a growing amount of people and more and more people fighting against surveillance, data retention and the misuse of Big Data, these topics still have not reached the mainstream. This talk focuses on how accessibility to information in the „digital age“ is crucial – but deliberately blocked.


    Theresia Reinhold is a historian, journalist and filmmaker who works around surveillance, digitalization and militarization - as well in reality as in popular culture. She currently shoots short and medium-length movies on socio-political topics, jumping between fiction and documentary. Another focus of her research is structural social discrimination. Currently she is working on the media-project and documentary “Information - What are they looking at?” 

    (Photo by: Elif Kücük, castorxpollux.com)