• Marina Schmidt

    Position: Public Speaker and Consultant on networking Persedu GmbH

    Website: www.persedu.de


  • Succeed – get promoted & rise through the ranks with the secrets of networking


    Howard, 18, started out without a high school degree as a secretary in an advertising agency. He had to care for his mother and could not afford to lose his Job – he wanted power. Not power meaning “I force my will onto others”. No, power meaning independence and autonomy - a good kind of power – freedom.

    In just 2 years he had several pay increases without even having to ask for one. Each holiday he would get loads of gifts from people all around the big company. He became head of department by the age of 20 and now enjoys the respect and loyal support from his colleagues and employees.

    How did Howard achieve that? Let’s go through the steps together. Let’s talk about how you can apply his strategy and how you can rise through the ranks at organizations.


    Marina is a full time public speaker and consultant on the topic of how to build a network. She used to sell Google products to CEOs and hosted over 63 exclusive events last year alone. She already gave workshops at Immoscout24, Google Developers and Deutsche Bank.