• Emma Tracey

    Firma: Selbständig

    Webseite: www.honeypot.io


  • Hiring Developers in Berlin, a look at the data


    Ever thought about how many CTOs are founders or have founding experience? Or what the most common skills of a CTO are? The talk will reveal the results of research conducted by Honeypot into 58 of Berlin’s top CTOs. It will discuss what it takes to make it to the top and most interestingly what you can expect to get paid when you get there.


    Emma Tracey is co-Founder of Honeypot. Honeypot is a developer marketplace where companies come to meet top talent. Previous to Honeypot, she co-founded Lifa Communications, a boutique communications firm based in South Africa. As a journalist she lived and worked on every contienent in the world except Antartica. Happiest in Berlin, she is actively learning to rock climb.