6 - 9 pm, June 3rd

Postbahnhof Club

Are you fascinated with how future technologies can fundamentally change our lives? Do you want to talk about recent tech trends and meet geeks and techies? Then join us - we also get extremely enthusiastic when thinking about technologies :-)

- Win a Mario Kart Tournament! Play this classic game with us to enjoy time after an exhausting day full of talks and networking.

- Dive into virtual reality through Oculus Rift, have fun by shooting asteroids just with your eyes and make some music by just moving around with Nagual Dance. All these fun games are provided by GameScienceCenter Berlin. You can touch, explore, ask and play!

- At the same time meet the exhibitors and other visitors in a really fun atmosphere. Exchange contacts and explore together.

- Get tired of standing and walking around all day? Sit down in our chill area and listen to electronic beats by our DJ. 

- Just need some tranquility to rest your mind? Learn how to make origami.

- Hungry? Get some food and drinks.

You will definitely find something to do! Stick with us for the evening :-)